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Business and Professional Women - BPW Bowmanville

Congratulations BPW Bowmanville 2018-2020 Executive &
Committee Chairs
 2018 exec2018 exec list
Font Left: Deb Mathais, Judy Hagerman, Carrie Andrews, Nancy Barnes, District Director Pat Keays, Barb Hicks
Back Left: Joanne Cox, Valerie Mayers-Grifith, Renee Mathias, Karen Cashin

Empowered Women Leading Positive Change...





Interested in hosting a Women's Economic Empowerment Event?(Check out the recently released WEE Community Engagement Guide.)

 (click for  further details of the event)

See Interview - Why Women's Economic Empowerment on a community by commuinty basis is so important to achieving long-term fiscal  sustainability for all.




To empower women to lead and participate in making positive change in the workplace, marketplace, government and community. 

BPW is committed to building stable societies and strong communities for women, men and their families. We promote a just and equal status at all levels and areas of society where decisions are made in true partnership with men, based on mutual respect, and shared commitment for a more prosperous, balanced and peaceful world.


The improvement of economic, political, social and employment conditions for women in Canada. Bottom line, we work to educate, promote and empower women in our local community, throughout the province of Ontario, across Canada and around the world. Empowering women is good for business and good for our community.

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BPW Bowmanville dinner meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month

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