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Equal Pay Day

BPW Bowmanville Equal Pay Day Campaign

Economic Equality

In BPW, we believe that economic equality and income equity must become a reality if Canada is to achieve the founding principles upon which our Nation was built.

You Are Worth It!  Compensation Pitfalls and How to Manage ThemBPW Canada held its third annual Equal Pay Day Campaign on March 18, 2013, encouraging Canadian women to become informed about how they can prepare themselves to deal with and potentially put an end to gender-based discriminatory pay practices. Pay practices that limit their advancement to higher paying jobs and undervalue their contribution.

When including the part-time work factor in calculating Ontario’s Equal Pay day is even more dismal.  BPW Ontario joining with the Equal Pay Coalition have marked April 9, 2013 as the day that women are required to work to achieve the same pay that their male counterparts earn in the 12 month period.

ProclamationThe “You Are Worth it: Compensation Pitfall and Strategies to Manage Them” can help us better understand why the wage gap persists and how we can address it. It is a joint initiative between BPW and the Pay Equity Commission of Ontario and is a resource that can be customized and used by clubs across Canada to get the message out that “Economic Equality - Means Business”.

BPW Canada is encouraging business and community leaders  across the country to ask the Mayors in their respective communities to Proclaim March 18th  EQUAL PAY DAY.


What is a Proclamation?

Proclamations are used to provide recognition of extraordinary achievements, to honour occasions of significance and to increase public awareness of issues of importance with the hope of improving the overall well-being of our communities.

Take up the Equal Pay Day Proclamation Challenge! To get you started feel free to adapt the sample proclamation and guidelines posted below.Equal Pay Day - Canging the Gender Pay Group

Sample Equal Pay Day Proclamation

Proclamation Guidelines

Other Equal Pay Activities

Check out the many Equal Pay event ideas listed in the BPWI Equal Pay Day brochure.

Let us know about an Equal Pay Day event that you would like to sponsor and we will post it on our events and facebook pages.

See what is happing on the Provincial, National and International Equal Pay day scene.

Pay Equity Commission of Ontario and BPW Ontario Partnership

Pay Equity Coalition of Ontario

Resolutions & Briefs

Resolutions & BriefsWhat are Resolutions?

Resolutions provide our members the power of voice. Issues are identified and presented to local clubs by their individual members. The resolution development process ensures that a grass-roots approach for positive change remains the foundation for BPW policy. Resolutions are written in the language of governmental legislative change. They help to increase our awareness and understanding of issues affecting women at a local, provincial, national and international scale. Finally resolutions form the basis for our organizations policy statements that can be used when BPW representatives respond to questions from the media.

What is a Brief?

Resolutions passed at a Provincial Conference or National Convention often contain directives to urge the provincial or federal governments and/or as appropriate specific ministries to take some sort of action. These directives outlined in the approved resolution Therefore It Be Resolved statements are consolidated into a written brief for submission to the various government ministries, and leaders of the opposition parties. A copy of the brief is circulated to Club Presidents for use at the local and/or provincial levels, i.e. for issuing press releases, and/or arranging meetings with their community-based Member of Provincial Parliament representatives, (MPP), or Members of Federal Parliament (MP)

Links to Resolutions/Briefs Pages

BPW Ontario Resolutions
BPW Canada Resolutions
BPW Ontario Briefs

BPW Canada Briefs

Members who have an interest in learning more about the political process are encouraged to participate in researching and presenting resolutions. Meetings with the ministries affected by the resolutions enclosed in the brief are requested/granted. These meetings provide a further opportunity to strengthen our relationships with decision makers and to reinforce why our resolutions should be implemented. A report of these meetings and correspondence is communicated to the membership through emails, routine mailings, annual reports and the website. A complete index of resolutions are posted on the provincial and National websites.

What is a Commendation?

BPW Canada at its Biennial Conventions as well as Annual General Meetings, and BPW Ontario at its Annual Conference and AGM, provides it's members the opportunity to present and approve Commendations for individuals and/or organizations that support our mission and mandate, and work to help move our agenda forward.

Leadership Development

BPW Ontario and BPW Canada offer, numerous modules in leadership development, lobbying, communication and effective planning. These modules and other resources are available to BPW members through a member secure user ID and Password issued by the club executive.

The modules can be explored in any order, in a self-directed individual or group format. Clubs are encouraged to use these modules at the local level to promote and achieve the BPW Mandate and Goals.

BPW Ontario Leadership Learning Modules

These leadership learning modules are designed to help the women refine their leadership skills in creating a shared vision, lobbying for effective change, mobilizing resources and creating dynamic programs and flawless event planning. 

All of these resources are available on the BPWO Members Only Website.  

  • Module 1: Program with Panache: Creating Exciting Programs that Engage Your Members and Entice the Media.
  • Module 2: Resolutions: Giving Women the Power of Voice.
  • Module 3: Executive Leadership Roles: Igniting the Spirit.
  • Module 4: Federation PromotionMembership Spread the Word - Share the Power.
  • Module 5: You are Worth It! Pay Equity, Equal Pay for Equal Work and Salary Negotiation.

BPW Canada Leadership Development

Career Skills Achievement Program

This series of topics addresses key areas of professional development that can help women overcome obstacles to career advancement while encouraging a proactive approach to personal achievement. 

Most of the modules have been updated in 2010 and a PDF version of both the Facilitator's Guide and the Participant's Workbook available on the Members Only section of the BPWC web site, the modules take approximately 2-1/2 hours each to complete. Each module requires approximately 2.5 hours to complete with portions designed to serve as a refresher or ongoing learning tool.

  • Module 1: Meetings: We Have to Start Meeting Like This! - Making the Most of Meetings: Leading and Participating©
  • Module 2: Communication: Straight to the Point - Getting Your Message Across in 30 Seconds or Less©
  • Module 3: Gender Equity: Gender Equity in the Workplace - How Employees, Managers and Organizations Can Prevent and Deal with Sexual Harassment©
  • Module 4: Business Etiquette: First Impressions and Lasting Success - Business Etiquette for the 21st Century©
  • Module 5: Mentoring - Making Mentoring Work For You - Learning and Teaching on the Road to Success©
  • Module 6: Time Management - Making Time for What Matters Most - Time Management for Business Women©

Women’s Empowerment Principles: Training and Mentoring
(Partnership with BPWI & UN Global Compact)

Members: To register for the next “Getting Started with WEPs webinar” or to become a signatory contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Getting Started with WEPs

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (email request)


BPW Members have long worked to improve economic, political, social and overall fiscal stability of our communities, province and nation. Since 1930, much of our work has focused on empowering women to advocate for and improve employment conditions in the Canadian workplace.

To accelerate these broad-based efforts and to move beyond the policy and legislative enhancements achieved across our 83 years of operation, BPW members at all levels of the local club, district, province, nation and international organization have established partnerships to collaborate on important initiatives aligned with our mandate.

BPW International, and BPW Canada working in collaboration with UN Women and the UN Global Compact have adopted the Women’s Empowerment Principles a as a primary focus for the future. This provides a range of diverse key initiatives that our members can participate in based upon their personal passion. To learn more about the Women's Empowerment Principles click here.

Just a few of the topics that our members have and continue to make a difference:

Links to Resolutions/Briefs Page


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