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BPW Members have long worked to improve economic, political, social and overall fiscal stability of our communities, province and nation. Since 1930, much of our work has focused on empowering women to advocate for and improve employment conditions in the Canadian workplace.

To accelerate these broad-based efforts and to move beyond the policy and legislative enhancements achieved across our 83 years of operation, BPW members at all levels of the local club, district, province, nation and international organization have established partnerships to collaborate on important initiatives aligned with our mandate.

BPW International, and BPW Canada working in collaboration with UN Women and the UN Global Compact have adopted the Women’s Empowerment Principles a as a primary focus for the future. This provides a range of diverse key initiatives that our members can participate in based upon their personal passion. To learn more about the Women's Empowerment Principles click here.

Just a few of the topics that our members have and continue to make a difference:

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