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Why WEPs is so Important!

Gender is a business issue, not a women’s issue”

A  List of Quotes/Testimonials

  1. Equal Future Partnership launched by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton“A growing body of evidence shows that women’s political and economic empowerment are critical to fostering international peace and security, growing vibrant market economies, and supporting open and accountable governance. Recognizing that no country can realize its potential if half its population cannot reach theirs.”

  2. RBC Financial The Diversity Advantage: A case for Canada’s 21st Century Economy – “There is a strong economic argument that all Canadians would be better off with the larger and more productive economy that would result if all Canadians were able to participate fully. Indeed, in paying for infrastructure, health and education requirements of the future workforce is to address our long-standing weakness on the productivity growth.”

  3. PwC Gender and the Workplace“It’s a mathematical fact that diversity improves competitiveness and performance. Diversity of a group is as important as the group’s ability and intellect. It’s not that just two minds are better than one, but that two different minds are better than one. Gender diversity is not just the right thing to do---it’s the right business thing to do.”

  4. Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Office–“The full participation of women benefits business, and indeed, all of us.”

  5. London Ontario Chamber, CEO Gerry MaCartney “We are so very pleased and honoured to be the first Chamber in Canada to sign an accord of this kind, but, what is truly important is not that we are the first but rather that this event, we hope, will be catalytic in convincing Chambers across the country as well as corporations and not for profit institutions to really hone in on this tremendous talent pool that already exists, we simply have to get better at knowing how to tap into it."  

  6. Sleegers Kirkwood Pearce Professional Corporation, Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce “Our firm is committed to hiring, training and encouraging women to be leaders not only in the profession but also in the Community.” “Two of three students in our firm are women, we are encouraging professional designation status and ultimately grooming for partners”

  7. Pritchard and Crook Brokerage, Andrew Crook “Equality means unity, which is the key to humanities progress.” “We are interested in supporting WEPs through social media, and networking with affinity groups.”

  8. BPW International President, Freda Miriklis  "The Women's Empowerment Principles-WEPs continue to be a major BPW International commitment because they address the full participation of women throughout the private sector – from the CEO’s office to the factory floor to the supply chain.” 

  9. City of London, Ontario, CanadaOn behalf of the Corporation of the City of London - Mayor Joe Fontana signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles Statement of Support. London is an inclusive community which respects and values all cultures, ethnicities, genders, languages, ages, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, opinions and life experiences. It’s a place where people are welcomed and want to be. The City of London has worked actively with community groups which support women, including the London Coordinating Committee To End Women Abuse to develop the award winning “I Step Forward To End Violence and Abuse In My Community, Workplace and Home” training program delivered to all City employees. Signing the Statement of Support also aligned with the Corporation’s commitment as an employer to attract a diverse workforce, reflective of our community and to create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. The Women’s Empowerment Principles are a helpful resource to assist the City in considering a “gender lens” with its inclusive practices”.

  10. Empowered Path Inc. CEO, Suzanne Chantal Fraser “I founded Empowered Path Inc. after a 28 year career in the Canadian Forces. My purpose is to help organizations empower their employees so that everyone can achieve their full potential. When women are empowered everyone wins.”

  11. SMC Performance Plus, Sheila Crook“Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors and at all levels is essential in order to build strong economies and sustained business success. By empowering women, we improve the quality of life for men and women, for their families and communities across Canada. I have chosen to sign the WEPs Statement of support to demonstrate my commitment to creating a corporate Canada where all are empowered to build a more stable and just society for all.”

  12. Member of Parliament, North York, Judy A. Sgro“The promotion of the professional and leadership potential of women in Canada is a noble and important pursuit and I am delighted to be a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles.”

  13. Member of Parliament, London Fanshawe, Irene Mathysson – “Women have waited too long for the equality rights that will allow us to be partners in building and strengthening our families, communities and our nation. It is time for all Canadians to show the leadership needed to advance women’s economic, social and political status.”

  14. Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for the Status of Women, Rona Ambrose “Canada is stronger when women have an equal opportunity to contribute to the social, economic and democratic life of our nation. Only by empowering women and girls to reach their full potential will Canada build a society that is strong and inclusive. For this reason Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 creates a new Advisory Council to secure more leadership opportunities for women on corporate boards and leverage the limitless talents of Canadian women. By working together, we will increase women’s economic security today, and secure a bright future for girl in the economy of tomorrow”.

  15. Member of Provincial Parliament, London West, Chris Bentley “I enjoyed the opportunity to support the Women’s Empowerment Principles initiative. Thank you for the great work that you do to help promote women in the workplace.”

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