President's Message

"...there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women."  Kofi Annan 

Greetings from Business and Professional Women Bowmanville Club!

Thank you for visiting. If you are new to BPW, I invite you to peruse our website and learn about our exciting organization, including the local, provincial, national and international levels. If you are familiar with BPW, I also invite you to peruse our website to learn about the exciting things happening at BPW Bowmanville! 

BPW Bowmanville is a dynamic group of women from a variety of professions, age groups, backgrounds and experiences. Although we are a diverse group, we have a common goal: to improve the economic, political, social and employment conditions of women, locally and beyond. We are non-sectarian, non-profit, non-partisan and an equality seeking group. BPW Bowmanville has been working since its inception in 1950, celebrating our 70th anniversary in 2020. 

BPW is committed to making changes for women through all levels of government - municipal, provincial, national and internationally.  We participate in creating and supporting resolutions (the language of parliament) to ensure that we uphold our mandate to seek the improvement of economic, political, employment and social conditions for women. We also encourage and support the development of leadership skills.

If you are interested in women's empowerment, equity and opportunites, I invite you to check us out! Attend one of our monthly meetings. Speak to a member. Attend a provincial conference or national convention. Your voice is needed and welcome!

Whether you choose to join us or just visit, your curiosity, interest and action has made a difference. Thank you.


Carrie Andrews

BPW Bowmanville President