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The Power of Voice


Resolutions & Briefs

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What are Resolutions?

Resolutions provide our members the power of voice. Issues are identified and presented to local clubs by their individual members. The resolution development process ensures that a grass-roots approach for positive change remains the foundation for BPW policy. Resolutions are written in the language of governmental legislative change. They help to increase our awareness and understanding of issues affecting women at a local, provincial, national and international scale. Finally resolutions form the basis for our organization’s policy statements that can be used when BPW representatives respond to questions from the media.

What is a Brief?

Resolutions passed at a Provincial Conference or National Convention often contain directives to urge the provincial or federal governments and/or appropriate specific ministries to take some sort of action. These directives outlined in the approved resolution Therefore Be It Resolved statements are consolidated into a written brief for submission to the various government ministries, and leaders of the opposition parties. A copy of the brief is circulated to Club Presidents for use at the local and/or provincial levels, i.e. for issuing press releases, and/or arranging meetings with their community-based Member of Provincial Parliament representatives, (MPP), or Members of Federal Parliament (MP)

Margaret Mead Quote

Members who have an interest in learning more about the political process are encouraged to participate in researching and presenting resolutions. Meetings with the ministries affected by the resolutions enclosed in the brief are requested/granted. These meetings provide a further opportunity to strengthen our relationships with decision-makers and to reinforce why our resolutions should be implemented. A report of these meetings and correspondence is communicated to the membership through emails, routine mailings, annual reports and the website.

What is a Commendation?

BPW Canada, at its Biennial Conventions as well as Annual General Meetings, and BPW Ontario at its Annual Conference and AGM, provides it’s members the opportunity to present and approve Commendations for individuals and/or organizations that support our mission and mandate, and work to help move our agenda forward.