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Economic Equality


Equal Pay Day

Economic Equality

In BPW, we believe that economic equality and income equity must become a reality if Canada is to achieve the founding principles upon which our Nation was built.

Equal Pay Day illustrates how far into the next year a woman, on average, must work to earn the same amount a man made in the previous year. BPW Canada’s membership approved a resolution to declare March 18th as Equal Pay Day in Canada.  BPW Canada’s Equal Pay Day Campaign, held March 18, 2019, encouraged Canadian women to become informed about how they can prepare themselves to deal with and potentially put an end to gender-based discriminatory pay practices. Pay practices that limit their advancement to higher paying jobs and undervalue their contribution.

When including the part-time work factor in calculating Ontario’s Equal Pay day, the situation is even more dismal.  BPW Ontario, joining with the Equal Pay Coalition, has marked April 9, 2019 as the day that women are required to work to achieve the same pay that their male counterparts earn in the 12 month period.

The “You Are Worth it: Compensation Pitfall and Strategies to Manage Them” can help us better understand why the wage gap persists and how we can address it. It is a joint initiative between BPW and the Pay Equity Commission of Ontario and is a resource that can be customized and used by clubs across Canada to get the message out that “Economic Equality – Means Business”.

BPW Canada is encouraging business and community leaders  across the country to ask the Mayors in their respective communities to Proclaim March 18th  EQUAL PAY DAY.

What is a Proclamation?

Proclamations are used to provide recognition of extraordinary achievements, to honour occasions of significance and to increase public awareness of issues of importance with the hope of improving the overall well-being of our communities.

Take up the Equal Pay Day Proclamation Challenge! To get you started feel free to adapt the sample proclamation and guidelines posted below.

Sample Equal Pay Day Proclamation

Proclamation Guidelines

Other Equal Pay Activities

Check out the many Equal Pay event ideas listed in the BPWI Equal Pay Day brochure.

Let us know about an Equal Pay Day event that you would like to sponsor and we will post it on our events and facebook pages.

See what is happing on the Provincial, National and International Equal Pay day scene.

Pay Equity Commission of Ontario and BPW Ontario Partnership

Pay Equity Coalition of Ontario